Medical Services


General Medicine

In the general medicine department we offer the following;

  • Daily morning and evening Out Patient services.
  • Executive and standard health check up facility.
  • Hypertension and diabetes detection and control.
  • We also offer 24 hours emergency medical units with equipped medical ICU for the common medical emergencies like Poisoning, Metabolic emergencies, complicated bacterial and Viral infections and cerebrovascular accidents.
  • Special facilities are available for managing Tetanus patients


The department of cardiology is one of the best in Tuticorin and surrounding districts for its excellent cardiac care. This is because it is backed not only by the finest of equipments, but also the best of doctors.

Cardiology department renders 24 hours emergency service by our cardiologists and interventional cardiologist dealing with cardiac emergencies like acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, heart block etc The department well equipped with Hi-tech cardiac monitors, ventilators and also possess computerized ECG, Tread mill Test, Color Doppler Echo Cardiogram and 24 hours Holter Monitor. It is also equipped with stable of the our Cardiac Cath Lab and Open Heart Surgeries Theatre & handled by dedicated team of experienced Interventional cardiologist , Intensivist Anesthetist in the deliverance of patient centered disciplinary care.


Accident & Emergency Care


24 hrs Road Traffic Accident victims care in our commitment. SAH offers round the clock immediate care with the availability of full time doctors and nursing staff. Capable of undertaking cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and management of shock, Dehydration and Anaphylaxis, Hyperpyrexia, Fracture and Trauma cases. Emergencies due to physical Agents like burning, drowning, anima, Insected &Snake, etc. are managed by the critical care unit. We provide all the services needed to meet the needs of the patients and their families ? from emergency to intensive care to rehabilitation and out patient follow-up.


SAH have the unique packages of offering all the services and departments required to assess diabetes and its complication. We provide outpatient clinical and educational services to teach adults, children, and adolescents how to manage their diabetes. People with diabetes can visit the Center to learn how to achieve better blood sugar control and receive one-on-one or group education with a diabetes nurse educator and clinical dietitian. Diabetes Diet services are our added facility. Also several researches on etiology & management of diabetes however been done.

It is indeed true that the patients have the convenience of availing these services without running from hospital to hospital or specialist to specialist.


Gynaecology & Obstetrics

This department treats all kinds of gynaecological diseases. It deals with the diseases and hygiene of women.

  • 24 hours care for pregnancy by experienced labour room staff team.
  • Deals with painless and all high risk delivery cases along with Foetal care.
  • Infertility clinical services
  • Gynaec Surgical procedures
  • Laparoscopic Uterus removal
  • Laparoscopic sterilization procedures
  • Advanced endoscopic surgeries
  • Separate well equipped theatre for gynaec cases.
  • Special consultation for Antenatal and Post Natal mothers
  • Omega Fertility Centre - IVI, IVF, ICSI
  • Counseling for teenagers with Gynaec problems like Dysmenorrheal, Hirusuitism, Menstrual Irregularities, etc.


The Neurology department of SAH is providing the diagnosis and management of diseases of the nervous system which includes the brain, the spinal cord, nerves and muscles with the experienced Neurologist. The conditions treated by a neurologist include epilepsy, stroke and paralysis.



24/7 emergency setup with the best in technology and quality of radiology providing medical imaging diagnostics to the In-Patients including the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency Room.

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